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Terms of Service

I. Services

A. We provide services in photography as well as photo and/or video content digitization. “Your Content” refers to photo and/or video content you will have provided us. We reserve the right to decline any job for any reason. When collecting content, we will review the material and determine whether or not it is viable for digitization. We are not responsible for ruined, damaged, or moldy content that comes into our possession. If the client desires, resurrection attempts can be made at the extent of a surcharge.

B. Details specifically related to your project are verbally determined in the consultation and will be contracted via the invoices delivered to you. During the consultation, a projected customer plan will be created. Although we will endeavor to complete the projects as noted; there is no guarantee of the delivery timing. We are not held bound by any dates.

II. Your Content

A. The content you provide us is in no way a legal responsibility to the owner or company of Bittner Studio. When we intake your content you are consenting to grant us a non- exclusive, royalty-free license to copy and alter your content. You retain all rights to your content. We can use your content for promotional purposes without your explicit consent. Bittner Studio reserves the right to reference the names of clients in marketing.

III. Investment

A. All quotes are based on estimates and are subject to change during the process.

IV. Rules of Conduct and Service Use 

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our service. Your permission to use our services is conditioned upon the following use and conduct restrictions. You agree that you will not under any circumstances:

1. Submit any content that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable and offensive.

2. Take on a false identity or impersonate any other person.

3. Use our services for any unlawful purposes or the promotion of illegal activities.

4. Provide false or inaccurate information to Bittner Studio.

5. Submit content that you do not own the rights to or that is not your intellectual property. This includes copyright, trademark, or patent rights.

6. You will not attempt to bypass our security measures nor use any means or technology to harvest or manipulate our data and information.

7. Submit or link malicious content intended to damage or ruin the browser, computer, or software systems of Bittner Studio or any individual.

8. We reserve the right to alter this document at any time. If we decide to change these policies we will modify the Document and they will become effective immediately. If the changes are significant we will post and notify users on the website. For this reason, you should check the site and privacy page for updates.

V. Warranty Disclaimer

A. Bittner Studio provides services to the client “as is” without warranty of any kind. We expressly disclaim all warranties, whether expressed, implied, or statutory in regards to the services, website, or any information provided to the client by Bittner Studio.

VI. Limitation of Damages

A. To the extent permitted by applicable law, in no way shall Bittner Studio, its employees, and owner, be liable to the client for any loss of profit, use, or data, or any related damages to your content.

VII. Back-Up Copies

A. I recognize that Bittner Studio will not be storing nor responsible for my digital media at any point during or after the process.

VIII. Hardware life expectancy

A. I understand that the hardware my digital media is stored on is subjected to a specific life expectancy and that I need to check with the manufacturer's recommendations on how to treat the hardware.

IX. Agreement

A. By using Bittner Studio services you agree to all terms indicated by this document. 

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